• Grand Zen Master Signature – 5.5″, 6″, 6.3″

    Zen Master Signature Shears – The ultimate cutting pleasure.
    Both sides of the propeller type blade have incredible cutting power yet are slender and have the ideal point for doing detailed work. The diamond cut-outs on the blades reduce weight without causing any drag when cutting. This perfectly balanced pair of scissors will give you years of cutting pleasure as it is masterfully crafted by senior Japanese craftsmen. Ideal for point cutting, slide cutting, traditional cutting and uber modern techniques. This pair of shears is the ultimate versatile tool. Crafted with a super alloy, Molybdenum and a cocktail of strengtheners that only the Japanese can produce, these ultra sharp shears stay sharp year after year. They’re designed for high performance, flexibility and durability. The handles are designed for super comfort and to care for your wrist and shoulder. For any artist, this is the ultimate gift to yourself that keeps on giving.
    highly recommended.

    Purpose: General purpose, wet cut, dry cut, precision cutting, point cutting, blunt cutting, slide cutting, chipping, detailed work, slicing.