VORTEX 6′, 6.5′


Ultra Smooth and Ultra Sharp…  The Vortex has been designed to give you the smoothest feeling ever! With the integration of teflon on the ride of the shear and and the precision ball bearing screw system, every single stroke of the blades will feel butter smooth. Each detail in this shear has been masterfully considered and crafted to perfection by our highly skilled craftsman to provide you with a shear that stands the test of time. The blades are crafted with a very high-end Japanese alloy – Molybdenum, which makes them extremely durable and stay sharp for prolonged periods of time. The point of the blades is fine, which is deal for detailed work. The handles are made for support, comfort and the perfect balance to the shears Give your cuts a crisp sharp finish that you can only get with the VORTEX.

Purpose: Precision cutting, Wet cutting, Dry Cutting, Detailing, Chipping, Slide Cutting.

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6.0", 6.5"


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