ML630W Texturizer 6″


These Thinning/Texturizing scissors are hand crafted to perfection – the finest available in the world. The teeth are masterfully made for the Zen Master Invisiblend collection to give you the most outstanding results from a tool of this type. They are ergonomically designed with the perfect angle of the thumb ring for maximum comfort They are robust to tackle even the coarsest and thickest of hair or even the most delicate fine hair. Versatility was in mind when they were forged by the legendary Japanese craftsmen giving them life with a high degree of sharpness, power and precision to give a clean cut so as not to damage even a single strand of hair… Perfect for thinning, creating seamless layers, blending out steps or scissor lines, creating ultra soft perimeters and personalizing for the ultimate client experience.

Purpose: Invisiblend, Texturizing, Thinning, Personalizing – Cutting rate 30%

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Thinning scissors which are hand crafted to perfection. These texturizers are ergonomically designed with a perfectly positioned thumb ring for maximum comfort, robust and versatility was in mind when they were forged by the legendary craftsmen. A high degree of sharpness, power and precision give a clean cut so as not to damage a single strand of hair. Deliver nothing but the best results with minimal effort. They are more balanced and more powerful than conventional thinners due to meticulous design and the ideal length which is 6″.

Purpose: Thinner/Texturizer. Cutting rate 30%, 30 teeth.

Additional information


Molybdenum – Special



Rockwell Hardness (HRC)


Screw System

Ball Bearing – Key Screw


Offset designed for precision blending, thinning, layer blending and perimeter softening with Zen Master's unique Invisiblend teeth system.

Finger-Ring Size

Medium – request complimentary finger rings if needed. At checkout as “Special Instructions” in NOTES

Cutting Speed




Zen Master Case & Accessories

Included with purchase


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