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From the heart of a creator comes the very best! With global reach, handcrafted products, and visionary insight Sam's creative passion benefits all who have come to experience and own a pair of Zen Master Scissors.

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From our beginnings to where we are headed, Sam shares the process that continues to drive ZMS is Stay Sharper Longer!

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Hear from Sam what inspires and drives him, his processes and passion to be the very best!

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There are three editions to Zen master scissors and as you go up in rank of the three editions, there are increased levels of cobalt and molybdenum (a very hard silvery metallic element, used to strengthen steel alloys).


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Going For Gold ✨✨✨✨✨
Creating a 5 star experience for your guests is multi faceted. It’s what they see, hear, smell, observe and experience which can mean the difference between a referral and a lost client. And that all starts the second they walk through your door.  Here’s a saying that you can take to the bank - “No one ever lost a client by acting professionally”
* Practice how you greet clients.  Eg, A bland Hi or a happy to see you hiiii 😊

* Refine your consultation - Get to the point by using open ended questions. Use reference pictures if you’re unclear.  Be authoritative, they look up to you for advice as an expert.  It’s nice to ask them what they want but if it’s going to look awful, suggest an alternative.  Be large and in charge and direct them towards fabulousness because, after all, when they look good, you look good! 

* Deliver what you discussed - Eg. The hair cannot be short if you discussed keeping it long. 

* Keep conversations professional and always steering or leading to what’s next for them - color, straightening, treatment, rebooking, referrals. 

* Offer projections of what their style will look like in the weeks to come - We know that hair grows half an inch every month, so if they have a fringe on their eyebrows for example, in two months it’ll be poking them in the eyes.  Wouldn’t you say a week before that happens would be a good time to be rebooked?

* Must rebook before they leave - Use the 3 C’s for rebooking; Care, Commitment, Control. If you own Zen Master scissors and don’t know the 3 C’s for rebooking DM us here on ZM instagram and we’ll let you know how to work the 3C’s to rebooking. 

* Bid them a warm farewell by walking them to the door. We literally walked our clients to the door. Told them how wonderful it was to see them again as we gave them a hug and told them we cant wait to see them again soon. 
Other things to watch out for - Music… No radio! Have a salon/shop play list. 
Cool house or chill music works best. 
Teammate conversation should be brief and professional or include clients or not occur at all outside of the back room 🤫

What do you do to create a great experience?
tbt ✨✨Rumor has it that it was @chrisappleton1 birthday party yesterday so we thought we’d honour him with this post…. 
Happy birthday Chris 🎂🍰🥂

When industry icons, Mira and Chris  get together after hours this is what happens…

We love hearing hairstylists chat amongst themselves. It’s always fascinating - watch until the end 😎

One point we’d like to make after watching this video is how important it is to spend the last 10 minutes or so of the service teaching your clients how to style their hair… of course this rule doesn’t apply to these two so much but it definitely applies to clients sitting in your chair.  When we had salons back in Australia, we sent all our staff/team out to survey people on the street to find out what they need from hairdressers, groomers and barbers. And the most common answer was; “We can’t style our hair at home the way you guys do it in the salon… So we got together as a team and figured out what to do with this information. We looked at our cutting and asked ourselves Are we leaving too much weight in the hair making it harder and take longer to style.  Then we looked at our styling tools and brushed and had available for sale to our clients EVERY single tool, brush and styling product that we used on their hair. 
Want to retain your clients longer? Then you may want to consider doing this. Help them understand how to style their hair because when they look good, you look good and that can only mean more referrals and more rebookings 💫

We love our industry and care about the people in it and want to see all of you succeed ✨💫✂️🥰

Mira’s scissor choice was the grand Zen Master Signature scissor for Chris. Its propeller shaped blades are designed for pure artistry - for carving, free hand cutting and precision. Hand crafted to perfection in Japan by Master Ono. The signature scissor is a powerhouse and great for a traveling artist as it is not a scissor that can be damaged easily it’s so tough.  The material is Molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt.  We absolutely LOVE this scissor. It is absolutely one of the very best in the industry ❣️

Find the signature scissor in the Grand Zen Master range on our website site.
✨24k Magic in the air ✨
The K5 Gold Titanium edition 💫
Sizes: 6’, 6.5’, 7’ 
This powerhouse is designed for dry cutting or wet cutting, deep point cutting, solid form, scissor-over-comb. Slice and slide cut to your hearts content.  The K5 is packed full of features - from the tattoo handles that give an extremely comfortable non slip grip, an angled spine near the tip, on the top blade so that it can easily go around ears and has a curved finger grip support on the side of the blade to rest your index finger on when slicing 🔥
The base metal is a Japanese super alloy which will hold its edge for prolonged periods. A double coating of gold titanium was then added not only because it’s anti corrosive but it also helps with skin allergies and because it looks Stunning⚡️
The K5 is a robust scissor, which means it can handle even the thickest of hair when dry cutting but it also has fine point at the tip of the blades to accommodate detailing even on the finest of hair with pin point precision!

The K5 Gold Edition can be found in the Grand Zen Master range on our website and also in the Scissor Sets section of our website.  It has a matching K5 Gold edition texturizer and it is A M A Z I NG! 
We love the K5 on its own and LoVe it as a set. 

Limited stock available so hurry while stock lasts 💫

“If you only buy one great scissor during your career, make it a Zen Maser”
#zenmasterscissors #goldscissors #menscutting #womenscuts #thickhair #finehair
Last nights premiere 💫

Host : Joe Manganiello
Hair: @mirachai ✨💈✂️
Tools: K5, Signature Scissor 
Products: @houseofskuff 
#dealornodealisland #dealornodeal 
#mirachai #joemanganiello #zenmasterscissors #houseofscuff #menshair
Diamond Princess 💎✂️
Give yourself or someone special what they really want, the gift that keeps on giving 💘💘💘 ✂️

Before we put makeup and jewellery on the Diamond Princess (pink titanium and diamanté screw cap) we first made it a powerhouse of a scissor.  Hand crafted in Japan with the finest, hardest, most durable alloys. We keep saying this over and over because the reality is, that most of our scissors do not need sharpening for the first three to five years if maintained properly which is easy. Check the tension a couple of times a week, a drop of oil (provided) every couple of months and wipe product off with the special cloth (provided) and warm soapy water before you get product build up on your scissors and that’s it! Years of cutting pleasure ✨💫✂️
This is the quality of Zen Master and why so many high profile and A-List celebrity hairdressers choose Zen Master. 

☯️ Dry Cut
☯️ Wet Cut
☯️ Slice
☯️ Textured Hair (stroke blade🔥)
☯️ Scissor-over-comb 
☯️ Deep Point Cut
☯️ Carve 

“If you only choose one great scissor during your career, make it a Zen Master”

Find the diamond princess in the Grand Zen Master range on our website. 

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#menscut #bethebestyoucanbe
🔥❤️‍🔥 Fire Storm ❤️‍🔥🔥

Artist: @bricia.g_artistry ✨
Salon: @_artisticvibez 
Scissor: K5 - 6.5’ (pictured), Viper 6.5’ and K5 double sided teeth texturizer
Be extraordinary with the K5.  A powerhouse for dry cutting or wet cutting. A crossover for men’s and women’s cuts. Handmade with the finest Japanese steel, the K5 is hard wearing and super durable ✨💫✂️

#zenmasterscissors #redhair 
#createdwithzen #licencedtocreate #cosmetology #barber #hairbesties 
#hairstylist #barberbethebestyoucanbe #cosmetologyschool
#hairschool #barberschool
#hairfashion #hairstyles 
#sheargenius #handmade #japan #longhair #shorthair #pixiecut #bobcut
✨ If you need to upgrade or add to your scissor collection, now is the time to do it, during the hottest Sale month of the year. Updates will be made to the website daily for the next four weeks.  The sale is already on so your favourite scissors have already been marked down and on sale. 
There are amazing deals on Sets (scissor and texturizer duo sets) and can be found in the Scissor Sets section of our website. 
This is a site wide sale with big savings everywhere and free express delivery to anywhere in the world 🌎  Hurry, as we’re selling out fast! ✨💫✂️
#zenmasterscissors #wolffshear 
#createdwithzen #licencedtocreate #cosmetology #barber #hairbesties 
#hairstylist #barberbethebestyoucanbe #cosmetologyschool
#hairschool #barberschool
#hairfashion #hairstyles 
#sheargenius #handmade #japan #longhair #shorthair #pixiecut #bobcut #menscut 
A Special Moment During The Boss Up Tour LA☀️🌴
During the class we saw @philipwolffhair & @alfredo_lewis give so much of themselves. And even during the breaks, like when this moment was taking place, the boys continued to give… Here Philip is showing how he “flips” his scissors during a haircut. 
The one thing to know about using this technique is to keep the tension of your scissors on the tighter side so that the scissors stay closed as you flip them. If your scissors are too loose they will open and it won’t work! 
Considering that 9.5 people out of 10 hardly ever tighten their tension screw, we think everyone should use this technique simply to keep their scissors tensioned. You damage your scissors by keeping them too loose so if this helps someone prolong the life of their scissors then it’s worth watching. 
What we also like about this technique is that it keeps the flow of the haircut moving and it shows that you’ve mastered the command of using your scissors and makes you look like an expert ✨💫✂️
Philip uses the Wolff Shear for all his cuts.  It’s perfect for dry cutting and wet cutting, scissor-over-comb, slicing, slide cutting, point cutting and chipping.  It is the most versatile of all the scissors if you’re looking for one scissor that does it all, then look no further than the Wolff Shear 💥✂️

Available in sizes: 6’, 6.5’ 7’

Hand: Right hand & Left hand

“If you only choose one great scissor during your career, make it a Zen Master”

Find the Wolff Shear at SalonCentric marketplace or at 

#zenmasterscissors #hairdresser #barber #scissorflip #bossuptour
💎 DLC = Diamond Like Carbon 💎
The hardest coating in the world to put on scissors 💎💎💎💎💎
Around 20 years ago, I remember cutting a gentleman’s hair who happened to be a CEO of a mining company. So I asked him what type of drill bits they use to drill into rocks… I was interested in this because of the type of hard steel that it must take and how I can incorporate this steel into scissors.  I also asked him How do the drill bits not break, dull or bend while drilling into hard rocks 🪨 ? 

His answer was a revelation! He said; “We use special drill bits which are coated with DLC”
I was astonished at this technology and I just HAD to learn more and see if we could have it on scissors.  So I called our craftsman in Japan, Master Ono.  I explained everything I’d learned about DLC and asked if we could put it on scissors… And the rest is history… This is our DLC mark 3! Our third model.  Each one different and better than the last.  We have reached our evolutionary peak with this version.  It is STUNNING in every way! Comfort, design, color, smoothness and incredibly beautiful. 

DLC adds an extra layer of protection to your scissors.  It increases the hardness so that it is protected right up to the very edge of the cutting blade - this is what gives its longevity for staying sharp like no other.  It’s strength is great if you travel a lot with your scissors. It also gives:
✅ drop protection
✅ allergies protection
✅ rust protection 
✅ ultra smooth feels
✅ Precision Cut
✅ Dry Cut
✅ Wet Cut
✅ Slice
✅ Curls - all methods 
✅ Point Cut - now built into the handle
✅ Scissor-over-comb 

Everything we create is a culmination of everything we’ve experienced as hairdressers and barbers over forty years. 
From the type of steel we use to the ergonomics and overall design. EVERYTHING has purpose! ✨💫✂️
Sam Papas

“If you only buy one great pair of scissors during your career, make a Zen Master” 

Find the DLC in the Grand Zen Master on our Website. 
Sizes: 6’ & 6.5’
We can also customize any Zen Master Scissor with DLC.

#dlc #diamondlikecarbon #hairdressing #barbering 
#zenmasterscissors #handmadeinjapan


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