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Investing in a pair of scissors seems to have an air of mystery about it, so, we want to take away that mystery and fill you with confidence that the scissors you choose are the best in quality and the best for you.

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From the heart of a creator comes the very best! With global reach, handcrafted products, and visionary insight Sam's creative passion benefits all who have come to experience and own a pair of Zen Master Scissors.

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From our beginnings to where we are headed, Sam shares the process that continues to drive ZMS is Stay Sharper Longer!

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Hear from Sam what inspires and drives him, his processes and passion to be the very best!

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There are three editions to Zen master scissors and as you go up in rank of the three editions, there are increased levels of cobalt and molybdenum (a very hard silvery metallic element, used to strengthen steel alloys).


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💎 DLC = Diamond Like Carbon 💎
The hardest coating in the world to put on scissors 💎💎💎💎💎
Around 20 years ago, I remember cutting a gentleman’s hair who happened to be a CEO of a mining company. So I asked him what type of drill bits they use to drill into rocks… I was interested in this because of the type of hard steel that it must take and how I can incorporate this steel into scissors.  I also asked him How do the drill bits not break, dull or bend while drilling into hard rocks 🪨 ? 

His answer was a revelation! He said; “We use special drill bits which are coated with DLC”
I was astonished at this technology and I just HAD to learn more and see if we could have it on scissors.  So I called our craftsman in Japan, Master Ono.  I explained everything I’d learned about DLC and asked if we could put it on scissors… And the rest is history… This is our DLC mark 3! Our third model.  Each one different and better than the last.  We have reached our evolutionary peak with this version.  It is STUNNING in every way! Comfort, design, color, smoothness and incredibly beautiful. 

DLC adds an extra layer of protection to your scissors.  It increases the hardness so that it is protected right up to the very edge of the cutting blade - this is what gives its longevity for staying sharp like no other.  It’s strength is great if you travel a lot with your scissors. It also gives:
✅ drop protection
✅ allergies protection
✅ rust protection 
✅ ultra smooth feels
✅ Precision Cut
✅ Dry Cut
✅ Wet Cut
✅ Slice
✅ Curls - all methods 
✅ Point Cut - now built into the handle
✅ Scissor-over-comb 

Everything we create is a culmination of everything we’ve experienced as hairdressers and barbers over forty years. 
From the type of steel we use to the ergonomics and overall design. EVERYTHING has purpose! ✨💫✂️
Sam Papas

“If you only buy one great pair of scissors during your career, make a Zen Master” 

Find the DLC in the Grand Zen Master on our Website. 
Sizes: 6’ & 6.5’
We can also customize any Zen Master Scissor with DLC.

#dlc #diamondlikecarbon #hairdressing #barbering 
#zenmasterscissors #handmadeinjapan
shear.soul - Sabrina wanted to up her cutting game so she reached out to us about having the right tools… We talked on the phone and even though Sabrina is in Florida and we’re based in LA we could still fit her with the perfect set of shears to help her with her goal of becoming a true craft hairstylist. 
After looking at Sabrina’s work and discussing what she wants to achieve with her cutting now and in the future. We then selected around a dozen pairs of scissors to send Sabrina to see and feel.  Each pair was carefully selected to fit her hand like a glove and we included various blade shapes for Sabrina to be able to perform any task that she can imagine with ease…  We then had a zoom meeting to discuss each shear’s functions and capabilities and that was that! Out of the dozen or so shears that we sent her, Sabrina selected about 5-6 pairs. 
We’ve had a number of new followers join us lately, and we’d like you to know that we’re here to give you the best possible experience in choosing, selecting, buying and receiving your scissors.  We’re only a phone call away on 213-425-8066. All you have to want is a great pair of scissors and we’ll make sure it fits you like a glove.  We’ve got you!

Enjoy your beautiful new scissors Sabrina. We know you’re going to make hair happen like a champion and we’re looking forward to seeing all of the fabulous haircuts that you’re going to do ✨💫✂️🤍 
#cosmetology #barber #wolffshear #k5 #viper #vortex #hairstylist #barberbethebestyoucanbe #cosmetologyschool
#cosmetologyschool #barberschool #handmade #japan #longhair #shorthair #pixiecut #bobcut #menshair 
These two together 🔥🔥🎨🐺✂️
philipwolffhair alfredo_lewis 
It’s been great seeing our guys connecting with everyone for the BOSS UP TOUR. If you’re yet to attend one of these classes check out Philip and Alfredo’s IG page for dates.  There is a class at the end of this month in Chicago followed by an LA class… Where would you like to see them next? 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the Wolff Shear that Philip is using in this video and every video that he makes… Look at how cleanly it cuts without pushing the hair and how effortlessly it slides along the hair.  This is all do to the type of steel we’ve used and also the angle that we’ve created of the convex blades to make slicing a breeze.  Point cutting, scissor-over-comb, chipping, slide cutting all made easy with this one shear. 

“If you only buy one great pair of scissors during your career, make it a Zen Master” 
#zenmasterscissors #wolffshear 
#createdwithzen #licencedtocreate #cosmetology #barber #hairbesties 
#hairstylist #barberbethebestyoucanbe #cosmetologyschool
#hairschool #barberschool
#hairfashion #hairstyles 
#sheargenius #handmade #japan #longhair #shorthair #pixiecut #bobcut
💫 Level Up with the industries most respected scissor brand. 
We’re super excited to be exhibiting on Sunday and Monday at Premier Aneheim! premierebeautyshows . Seeing our industry connect and be together like this is a heart warming moment and it’s also exciting because everyone can see, feel and experience Zen Master scissors for themselves.  We invite you to come and try them, compare them and see for yourself why some of the biggest names in hairdressing, celebrity hairstylists, barbers, and groomers choose Zen Master scissors. 
It’s only a two day event and we’re going to have the hottest deals of the year and some incredible stylists at the booth over the two days.  You won’t want to miss this event! 

A special thank you to scarletts_hairartistry for the Amazing pics - new scissor feels with the K5 scissor in this video. We love the fun energy. It represents us! We’re serious about scissors… we’re serious about the 40 years that we’ve been in our industry, we’re serious about helping anyone that needs it, we’re serious about mentoring stylists and everything else is open to enjoyment and fun 🫶🏼

“Celebrity hairdressers trust Zen Master scissors for their A-List clients, you can too!” 

#zenmasterscissors #handmade #japan 
#cosmetologist #barber 
#cosmetologystudent #barberstudent  #cosmetolgyschool #barberschool
The devil is in the details 😈✨💫✂️
Repost: boy.courtneyhair 
Detailing is one of my favorite parts of a haircut. Here I’m using zenmasterscissorsusa to channel cut, slide cut, and deep parallel point cut superficial layers and remove weight from the undercut portion of the hair. The result is a strong shape with lots of internal movement.
#zenmasterscissors #wolffshear #menscut #westhollywood #weho #wehonightlife #westhollywoodhair #salonrepublic #boycourtneystudios #boycourtneyhair #gaybarber #lahairstylist #losangeleshair #beverlyhillshair #beverlyhills #gayweho #dtla #dtlaartsdistrict
✨A Day In The Life Of Celebrity Groomer, the multi talented and all round wonderful human being, Kristen Shaw ✨💫✂️
Awards season is upon us and shawnesssss has been as busy as can be in the thick of it, which didn’t prevent  her from creating this fabulous clip for everyone with a bts sneak peak. We’re grateful and we love you for it.  Time gets away on us but I can assure you that we want so much more to do with this amazing artist and to get to know her a whole more.  Can’t wait for more of Kristen’s work. Here’s what she did to prepare Calum Worthy for the Critics Choice Awards. 

Repost shawnesssss 
A little peek into the process of getting ready with #calumworthy x criticschoice ✨

Get the look:
Everything starts with a good cut
Using my new favorite zenmasterscissorsusa K5, 6.5 inch. 
and go to wahlpro for sculpting the hair

mrsmithhair The Foundation all over damp hair mixed with davinesnorthamerica Sea Salt Spray
This gives volume and control without being sticky 

Matte Paste mixed with oribe Featherbalm to finish


weleda_usa skin food face cream 
bobbibrown skin corrector
armani concealer 
cledepeaubeauteus is tinted brow gel
hourglasscosmetics bronzer
chanel.beauty loose translucent powder


Stylist ashleypweston 
#kristenshawhair #ksgrooming #calumworthy #reboothulu #twgartists #getthelook #oribeobsessed #wahlpro #barber #menshair #bobbibrown #chanelbeauty #cledepeaubeaute #armanibeauty #weleda #weledaskinfood #hourglasscosmetics #balmainhaircouture #davines #mrsmithhair
Instagram post 17978096915084969
Take the strain off your wrist and hand with the all new ZK18-STORM 🌩️🌪️
If you like point cutting or want to be able to do it with ease then the STORM has to be your go-to shear.  The crane handle is angled to perfection so that the shear tips into point cutting with absolutely no effort.  Scissor-over-comb is also a breeze.  These shears easily allow your wrist to get to the perfect angle for a perfect blend of scissor-over-comb every time! Cutting perfectly straight lines is also a task that the ZK18-STORM  performs with ease! Slice, slide, chip and detail with surgical precision. Do it all in ultra comfort with the Storm’s 3D handles which are designed to fit pretty much all hand like a glove!  The balance of the scissor is so perfect - lightweight yet powerful and crafted to perfection with Japanese ATS-314 💪🏼✨💫⚔️✂️

“If you only buy one great pair of scissors during your career or adding to your collection, make it a Zen Master”
Repost philipwolffhair 
As promised here is some video of the shear upclose with specs and details below. 
This piece was designed in collaboration with zen_master_scissors and it’s available in Right Hand and Left Hand in all three sizes of 6’, 6.5’ and 7’ 
For any of you looking to add to your scissor collection or if you don’t yet have a great “go to” pair, here’s your chance! 
✅ Hand made in Japan
✅ Available in 6, 6.5, & 7 inch 
✅ Japanese VG10 Premium Steel
✅ Each Piece has personal serial number
✅ Lifetime Warranty
✅ Mountain top blade for added strength/longevity -Low profile clickable by hand tension screw
✅ Extra ergonomic handle design for easy variation in positioning/less strain on wrist
✅ Super long lasting Sharpness🗡
✅ perfect point on the blades for detailing 
✅ Slice wet or dry like never before 
✅ Point cut, scissor-over-comb
Solid form, short or long layers
✅ For Cosmo and Barbering
✅ Ergonomic pinky tang/finger rest for ultra control
and comes in a beautiful black case with no mess oil cartridge, silky cleaning cloth and perfect fit finger hole inserts(as needed) 

Normally Retails for $899 USD, but we’ve worked with our craftsman to get it for you for only $699 because I believe MORE stylists should be able to experience top quality shears 
without having to break the bank😩 For those of you who purchase, ENJOY and let’s share our work with one another! Tag me in your creations using the hashtag #wolffshear Thank you all for enduring this long post and keep pushing yourselves to higher levels, thank you! 🙏🏽✊🏽💪🏽🤘🏽🐺✂️and of course for any other questions feel free to DM us or philipwolffhair
#stylistssupportingstylists #shears #scissorsalute #scissors #madeinjapan 
Last 10 days of sale.  Now include Fast, Free USA & Worldwide Shipping 🚀 
Use coupon code ZM2022 at checkout for fast free worldwide shipping 💫

#zenmasterscissors #wolffshear 
#createdwithzen #licencedtocreate #cosmetology #barber #hairbesties 
#hairstylist #barberbethebestyoucanbe #cosmetologyschool
#hairschool #barberschool
#hairfashion #hairstyles 
#sheargenius #handmade #japan #longhair #shorthair #pixiecut #bobcut
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