Fuji Set – 6″



Looking for a scissor set to give you the artistic freedom that you crave? Then this is the one to take your artistry to the next level! The Fuji set comprises of a 6″ all-rounder, a 6″ slicer/dry cutter and a 6″ texturiser/thinner.

  • The All-Rounder is precisely as the name suggests – create stunning solid forms, scissor over comb, point cut,  and layer effortlessly..
  • The Leaf Blade Slicer is designed to act as a push blade for creating interior movement… slice like never before with a blade that is built as a dedicated slicer – do it wet or dry and the results will be stunning every time!
  • The Texturizer/Thinner has radial teeth and patented invisiblend teeth – ultra smooth gliding for removing unwanted weight, creating seamless layers and softening perimeters.

Elevate your artistry and give your guests the ultimate professional experience at a red hot price. Limited stock remains… hurry sale ends soon.


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