Grand Rotor – 6″, 6.5″, 7″


The Swivel with the power to cut dry or wet hair like a hot knife through butter is right here. Everything about this extremely beautiful scissor says quality and power. From the Sword shaped blade to the perfect width rings of the handles for ultra comfort. Not only will the swivel care for your wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder with the ideally positioned thumb ring, the Rotor will allow you to position the blades in multiple directions in the blink of an eye. And precision cutting takes on a whole new meaning with these masterfully crafted blades and super smooth ball bearing screw system. The GZM Rotor is built for durability with a high end alloy. Its medium weight is perfectly balanced – not to heavy and not to light… you’ll know you’re holding a pair of powerful scissors when you’re holding the GZM Rotor.

Teamed with the ZM 6″ Thinner, this Duo will exceed your expectations. The 30 curved teeth glide through the hair – perfect for removing unwanted weight, seamless layers, softening perimeters and blending. Check out the duo in the Scissor Sets section of this website.

* Highly recommended

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6.0", 6.5", 7.0"


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