Master Barber Texturizer


The Master barber texturizer is our latest innovation and best texturizer ever for barbers. The MBT is a six inch 35 teeth powerhouse! Crafted with Japanese super alloys for strength and durability and perfectly crafted under-mount teeth for outstanding blurry fades and blending. With the teeth being undermount, you’ll get as close to the scalp as humanly possible for the most outstanding blend and fade that you’ve ever seen! Weight removal is a breeze as you slide the texturizer effortlessly through the hair to take out extra bulk. The MBT It has a double ball bearing screw system for ultra smooth gliding and 3D comfort handles for the best and smoothest cutting experience you and your client will ever experience. We highly recommend the Master Barber texturizer if you’re ready to give your clients an elevated experience.

✅ Lifetime Warranty

✅Japan VG10 alloy

✅under mount invisiblend teeth

✅ As close as you can get for best fades

✅Luxury case with maintenance kit

✅Finger ring inserts

✅Satisfaction guaranteed


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