• a… K5 – 6″, 6.5″, 7″

    K5 is one of our most popular models. Not only are they beautiful to look but perform as brilliantly as they look! The style of the blade is designed for power cutting. The K5 can handle the thickest of hair with ease… Dry cut all day long or wet cut to your hearts content. Deep Point cut, scissor-over-comb or cut the straightest of lines. The K5 is masterfully well balanced and has the perfect point at the tip of the blades for detailing. The tattoo etched handles give you a non-slip grip and make these scissors look like a work of art! The offset positioning of the handles make these scissors so comfortable to work with and incredibly comfortable to hold. These shears are ideal for hairstylists or barbers Purpose: Dry cut, wet cut, slicing, point cutting, channeling, blunt cutting, men’s cutting and coarse hair. *Feature: Tension dial – finger tighten.