• Katana – 6″

    THIS IS THE POINT CUTTING KING. These brilliantly ergonomically designed scissors are designed to take the pressure away from your wrists and shoulders so that you get through your day with ease. Ideal for scissor over combing and cutting even the coarsest of hair and totally comes into it’s own for Point Cutting and Solid Form. The handles are light weight yet balance the robust blades perfectly. You’ll be able to cut the straightest of lines or piece out any hair cut with ease.

    Purpose: Suitable for Dry Cut , Wet Cut, Point Cut, Slide, Slice.

  • Light Rose Gold – 6″, 6.5″

    The LRG (Light Rose Gold) is forged with a super tough yet light weight alloy for durability and longevity and double coated with titanium so that the color does not fade. The titanium coating not only looks fabulous but is also great for those that have skin conditions alleviating any direct contact with the alloy. Much thought and attention to detail has been given to the design of the LRG from the exceptional blade shape to the flat screw powered by an ultra smooth ball bearing system – this, combined with the Japanese high end results in a very smooth cutting feeling.

    The handle is positioned perfectly and created to fit your hand like a glove for an ultra comfortable feel with it’s 3D design.

    Ideal for wet or dry cutting – a fantastic all-round shear.

    As with all of our shears it comes with;

    • Lifetime manufacturers Warranty
    • Finger ring inserts
    • Oil & Cleaning Cloth
    • Luxury Case


  • ML630W Texturizer 6″

    These Thinning/Texturizing scissors are hand crafted to perfection – the finest available in the world. The teeth are masterfully made for the Zen Master Invisiblend collection to give you the most outstanding results from a tool of this type. They are ergonomically designed with the perfect angle of the thumb ring for maximum comfort They are robust to tackle even the coarsest and thickest of hair or even the most delicate fine hair. Versatility was in mind when they were forged by the legendary Japanese craftsmen giving them life with a high degree of sharpness, power and precision to give a clean cut so as not to damage even a single strand of hair… Perfect for thinning, creating seamless layers, blending out steps or scissor lines, creating ultra soft perimeters and personalizing for the ultimate client experience.

    Purpose: Invisiblend, Texturizing, Thinning, Personalizing – Cutting rate 30%

  • MS-50 BONSAI II – 5.0″

    If you like small scissors then look no further. These 5″ scissors are made by senior Japanese craftsmen. They move through the hair like silk when layering or graduating and are amazingly comfortable to hold. The MS50 comes with a removable finger rest for extra freedom of the hand and they are extremely sharp. Incredible to use as a finishing scissor – do detailed work like never before! This scissor will inspire you to do better work. Bring out the artisan in you.
    ** Also available with black screw. If you want a black screw instead of red, please request it in “special notes” at checkout.

    Purpose: Suitable for dry cut , wet cut, slide, slice, chip.

  • Pink Diamond – 5.5″

    A brilliantly balanced scissor that is extremely comfortable to hold due the perfectly sculpted ergonomic handles.
    The point of the blades is perfect for chipping and doing detailed work on even the finest of hair. The Titanium adds durability to the blade and allows this scissor to handle even the coarsest of hair.

    Purpose: General Purpose, Wet Cut, Dry Cut, Slice, chip, Point Cut.

  • Pink Diamond Thinning – 5.5″

    Designed for superior blending, this thinning scissor will make blending scissor-over-comb a breeze. Seamless layers are easily done with a simple vertical slide. Perfect for Removing unwanted weight and texturizing.

    Purpose: General purpose thinning scissors