• Wolff Shear – 6″, 6.5″, 7″

    Design cut expert Philip Wolff had a vision, to create a true all-round shear. A shear to wet cut, dry cut, point cut, slice, solid form, chip, slide, shear-over-comb and do it all with the greatest of ease. Even the handles were meticulously chosen for comfort, balance and to care for the hand, wrist and arm and shoulder. After two prototypes, the Wolff Shear was born! Hand crafted using a super alloy, these shears are tough! They’ll hold a sharp edge and work at any pace that you can push them. This collaboration between Philip Wolff and Zen Master scissors came to fruition because of our passion for the hairdressing industry, our love of the art of hair and to give back to our industry… to elevate everyone’s quality of work with a tool that does it all! Between Philip Wolff, Sam Papas the founder of Zen Master and our Japanese Scissor Craftsman, Master Ono (also a trained sword maker), collectively, we bring over 100 years of industry experience to the Wolff Shear. This shear was designed by thinking outside of the box and it shows in all of Philip’s work. Join Philip in his hair journey by sharing your work with him using the Wolff Shear. Share ideas, learn from Philip and connect with him with the incredible Wolff Shear!