• Damascus Sword – 6″, 6.5″ & 7″

    Damascus is simply the best material for making a high end styling sheer. The material of Damascus is hand crafted to perfection to give you a clean, sharp cut. The cut is so smooth that you hardly feel the blades open and close. These scissors are hand-made by top craftsmen available only in Japan. They are suitable for all types of cutting including barbering. These scissors are precision cutting at its finest.

    Purpose: Suitable for , dry cut , wet cut, slide, slice.


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    $1,900.00 $1,600.00
  • K Lefty – 5.5″

    This left handed scissor has it all! Great looks, it’s super comfortable to hold due to the ergonomic shank and handles and has blades built for everything – from heavy duty cutting to intricate detailed work due to the brilliant taper right up to the tip of the blade. A great general purpose scissor crafted with a super steel.

    Purpose: Point cut, slice, slide, scissor over comb. Wet or dry cut.

    $585.00 $495.00
  • Raiden II – 5.5″ & 7″

    HOT PRICE – for Men’s Cutting. This extremely versatile scissor is a great all-rounder but excels when it comes to men’s hair styles. Available in a mid-range size of 5.5″ and 7″ for traditional style barbering. These scissors are a great tool for scissor over combing. They blend with ease and taper brilliantly.

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    Purpose: Suitable for general purpose, wet cut, dry cut, scissor over comb, slide, slice

  • Scorpion – sizes 6″ 6.5″, 7″

    We kept getting asked for a scissor that does it all and after much thought and consideration we developed the Scorpion! The tip is fine so it can do detailed work on fine hair. The blades have the perfect convex shape for slicing making them perfect for thick hair and dry cutting. The cutting edge is perfect for solid form / precision cutting and the handle is built for comfort, point cutting and scissor-over-comb! Create the perfect fade or even a skin fade, The tip is so flat that this scissor will get you closer than ever before. All this combined with and incredible ball bearing screw system and made with a super tough special cobalt alloy, the Scorpion will give you years of cutting pleasure.

    PURPOSE: All-Rounder; solid form, precision cutting, layering, point cutting, scissor-over-comb, slicing, chipping. wet cut, dry cut.

    $695.00 $595.00