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Rickey AKA Hairgod Zito

Hairgod Zito

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Recognized for his edgy art of haircutting designs and color throughout Social Media Rickey Zito, better known as icon hairgod_zito on Instagram is one of the fastest growing hairdresser and educators by his popularity. His elegant hairstyles have a real wow factor also and it’s this diversity that makes hairgod_zito a Master Educator.

Rickey discovered Zen Master Scissors and instantly fell in love, simply by the stand out blade shapes and designs,. Soon he began to work with Zen Master Scissors and his love to create and share haircutting education and tips became his next passion. As did his love for the quality of these hand made in Japan shears. Inspired, Rickey partnered with Zen Master Scissors to bring you his Signature “Hair God Zito” Scissor and Texturizer along with a power punch of education and inspiration to all fans through social media and on tour!

Join Rickey, by ordering your very own pair of Zen Master Limited Edition Gold K5’s or in polished silver and Rickey will take you through a journey of education with those shears where he will share all the tips and tricks of these shears with you. He will inspire you to elevate your craft and then you can share your work with Rickey on social media by being a part of the Zen Master family.