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Diamond Princess – 5.5″ & 6″


Diamond Princess – 5.5″ & 6″


This beautiful pair of scissors has an ergonomic design with stylish flare. Purposely crafted with harder steel for power cutting, they are brilliant for cutting coarse hair, and slide cutting is made easy with these beauties. Heavy duty cutting is a breeze with these blades, you can hardly feel the hair when dry cutting, so wet cutting almost feels invisible. Designed to cut with power and little effort – Great for all types of cutting including men's scissor-over-comb as the handles take the pressure off your wrist. Brilliant for the most perfect Bob cut, point cutting or anything in between. Additionally, the gorgeous pink Titanium coating aids as an anti corrosive, extending the life of the scissors and also makes the diamante's really pop with sparkle.

Purpose: For dry , wet and blunt cutting, slicing, coarse, strong hair

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VG10 & Titanium



Rockwell Hardness (HRC)


Screw System

Finger adjustment screw



Finger-Ring Size

Medium – request free finger rings if needed. At checkout in “Special Instructions”

Cutting Speed




Zen Master Case & Accessories

Included with purchase

Ergonomic design with stylish flare. This beautiful scissor is ideal for those that do a lot of cutting. They’re powerful which takes the strain away from your wrist and shoulder. Cutting  coarse hair is a breeze and slide cutting is made easy with this amazing pair of scissors. You can hardly feel the hair when dry cutting, therefore wet cutting almost feels invisible.

Purpose: dry cut, wet cut, slicing, scissor over comb.